Releasing assigned credits from an inactive experiment

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem:
I have credits assigned to an inactive old experiment, and I cannot release them. I tried changing the experiment’s status, but there is a problem with the old code, and I can’t…
Any ideas?

Hi There,

Just to confirm, in the pavlovia project page of the experiment is it that you are not able to move the slider to reduce the number of assigned credits?


Hi Becca,
Not exactly. The experiment is inactive, so I can’t access the slider.

Hi Becca maybe this will be more clear. sorry.
on the credit page I see that their are assigned credits to the experiment:

But on the experiment page the slide isn’t shown because it is inactive:

Thank you for your reply.

How about setting it to active, removing the credits and then setting it to inactive again?

I tried, but I got an error that there was a problem with the code.
I went to try again so I could screenshot the error, and now it works!!
Thank you!!!