Connecting forum admins directly: misassigned credits

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: Hi! Is there a way to contact the admins of this forum directly or is there a Pavlovia help team? I accidentally assigned credits to a version of my experiment yesterday that had already been deleted days ago (Pavlovia). This assignment should have failed, but it did not and now I have a deleted experiment with credits assigned to it and no way to release these credits and assign them to the correct experiment. My correct experiment is running out of credits, but I don’t really want to buy more, since today is the last day of data collection for this experiment and I would have enough credits if I could transfer them from the deleted experiment to the correct experiment.


The Pavlovia dev team have already been alerted. I posted links to three recent threads suggesting that credits from deleted studies are not yet recovered automatically. I’m not sure of how long it will take to reassign your credits.

If you haven’t heard anything by noon, please try adding me (Wake) as a maintainer of your study and I’ll see if I can loan you some of my credits.

Hi Wake!

Thanks a lot! I added you as a maintainer. I hope I did it correctly - in Gitlab.

– Maari13

I’ve just added 50 credits. Please let me know when you’ve recovered your deleted credits so I can take them back again.

Wonderful! Thanks a lot! I will let you know as soon as my misplaced credits have been recovered.

Hi Wake!

My missassigned credits have been released now. Some of the credits that you lent to me got reserved, but I had no possibility to release them. I imagine that you can do it. If I understand correctly, 28 of the credits that you lent to me are still unused (11 of them reserved). I got my 14 missassigned credits back. That makes 42 credits in total. Should I buy 8 more credits so that you could have your 50 credits back or how should I go about you getting back what’s yours?

Many thanks!


Hi Maarika,

I’ve retrieved the 42 credits. Don’t worry about the other 8.

Best wishes,


Thanks a lot, Wakefield! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Best wishes,