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Missing credits


I’m not sure who to contact. I have a problem about “lost” credits.

I bought 50 credits today and assigned it to a new experiment. Then I noticed that the experiment constantly produces error messages. I couldn’t figure out why, so I deleted the experiment and then created it again as a completey new one. The experiment now works fine, but the 50 credits are gone.

I therefore bought 50 credits a second time. My dashboard shows (correctly) 100, but only 50 can be assigned in the experiment section.

Did the first 50 credits get deleted with the first experiment? Can they be reactivated somehow (or something)? Because they still exist on the dashboard.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hello @Faye,

My apologies for the mishap: I had not anticipated the scenario where a designer would delete an experiment without releasing the assigned credits first. I have restored your 50 credits, and updated back-end to make sure that credits are released whenever an experiment is deleted, from now on.


Hi @apitiot,

many thanks for your response. In fact I should have released the credits first, but at that moment I just didn’t think about it. Thank you very much for the quick help.

Best wishes!

Not to worry. It really is something that has to be taken care of by the back-end. Thank you for bringing it up to my attention!


I made the same mistake of deleting a project without releasing the assigned credits.
I have some (11 in total I believe) in the following experiments:

It would be great to get them back. Thanks!

Hello @lcrible,

With my apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I have just released those credits, 8 in total.
Best wishes,


No worries, thanks a lot!