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Psychopy N00b trying to update

Hello all, I’ve searched a bit on here but apparently my problem is so basic it’s not been asked (that I could find, but I appreciate redirection if I am wrong!).

I downloaded Psychopy v1.73.02 because it was the version offered with the program I am running. Every time I open Psychopy, it tells me to update.

  1. Is this necessary? If my program is running fine, is there any advantage to updating? I am collecting data, so am mostly concerned with the program being able to log and later generate that data when I need it.

  2. I have tried to update by going to the psychopy log and downloading the .zip files for the 1.90.2 version - both standalone.exe and the zip files, but when I go to the update tab and search my computer for them, I can’t input the .exe file (only zip) and when I insert the .zip file, I get the following error message: “Could not move existing psychopy installation (permissions error?)”

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!!

@1: From my own subjective experience so far, I would recommend to update to the latest stable version (1.90.3) because numerous bugs have been fixed since then.
@2: The “permissions error” means that you need administrator rights to update. You can get them by launching PsychoPy with a right click and choosing “Run as administrator”.

Since a lot has changed since 1.73.02, you might want to install a fresh standalone version, though. First uninstall 1.73.02 and then launch the standalone.exe you downloaded.
What is the program you’re using which came with 1.73.02?

Thank you for your answer! It is the NIH EXAMINER.

I’ve made a lot of program changes - will these be affected by the update?

Thank you again, I will try this right away.

I don’t know that program, so I don’t know if it somehow depends on an old PsychoPy version. If that’s the case, you might run into problems.

I’ve made a lot of program changes - will these be affected by the update?

You could take a look at the PsychoPy changelogs, especially the blue entries. They tell you which changes/updates might cause problems if you run experiments you’ve designed with an older version.

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Hello - were you able to get the NIH Examiner running on a later version of PsychoPy? I am trying to do the same thing and running into some issues and errors - if you have any tips or advice that would be much appreciated!