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Trouble uninstalling PsychoPy

Hello everyone,

I’ve had PsychoPy version PsychoPy2_PY3 1.90.3 installed on my computer since summer of 2018. However, with the release of the new IDE I wanted to uninstall the old version and install the new one (I tried this around 2 weeks ago), but my computer (Windows 10 64-bit) won’t let me uninstall the 1.90.3 version nor will it let me install the 3.0 version. The error it raises is that I don’t have the permission (even though this is my personal computer and I have the admin privileges), even after I changed the permissions setting in the file, user, control panel etc. Can anyone help me out with uninstalling and installing PsychoPy IDE?


You should be able to install PsychoPy3 without even uninstalling 1.90 (version 3 should install happily alongside version 2). I’m afraid I don’t know why you’d get a permissions issue if you are admin. Sometimes on Windows machines you have to right-click and “Run as admin” so maybe that’s needed but I think for an installer it usually automatically escalates you to admin as needed.