Problems with syncing and uploading Psychopy experiments to Pavlovia after update to 2020.2.4

Description of the problem:
Experiments that used to work on Psychopy and Pavlovia no longer work since updating from 2020.1.3 to 2020.2.4.

I have tried deleting repository from Pavlovia/gitlab, as well as html folder and hidden.git on desktop and cleared cache before re-syncing.

I have attached an imagine below of the error of when I tried to recreate the project and sync to Pavlovia.

Any ideas/advice of how to successfully upload would be great!

Many thanks

Hi Rebecca,

I had the exact same problem since switching to the newest version. Even after switching back to 2020.1.3 I were not able to synch my paradigms again.

In my case the the TextBox component caused the problem and this was my workaround:

My text was: $cue + " = " + $target

I added a Code component and created a variable at the beginning of the routine:
itemText = cue + " = " + target (same code for js) and used the variable in the TextBox text-field.

The errors disappeared and I was able to synch again!

You could also share the link to your project, or upload the psyexp-file. Then I can have a look at your experiment.

Best wishes,

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Hi Dennis,

Apologies for my really late response! Thank you for your suggestions.

Somehow it seemed to resolved itself. What I did end up doing was rebuilding my experiments in the newer version and it seems now that it is okay (fingers crossed).

Hopefully the issue won’t return but i will keep your advice in mind for the future :slight_smile:

Best wishes,