Error when syncing experiments to pavlovia psychopy 2022.2.4

I have a problem when trying to sync my experiments from the builder on my computer to pavlovia. I recently switched to a new computer (Mac OS X Monterey) and installed the newest version of psychopy (2022.2.4) on it.
Since then, synchronizing my projects to pavlovia doesn’t seem to work anymore. I used the same account than before, and made sure I’m logged in. The experiment runs well locally and I stored all the relevant files in one single folder on my computer. Basically, I did exactly the same than on my old laptop, where I successfully synchronized many experiments to pavlovia using psychopy 2020.

When pressing the sync button, I can fill out the name and directory folder for the experiment, I press “okay” and then either the program crashes, or the message “Generating PsychoJS script…” gets displayed in the runner window for a long time, though nothing happens.

When I log in to my Pavlovia account, the new experiment appears on the dashboard, but the folder on github is empty. I also cannot make any changes on the pavlovia website, like changing the status of the experiment from “Inactive” to “Piloting” or “Running”.

My workmate tried to synchronize other experiments on her laptop (Windows, also with psychopy 2022, with the same pavlovia account than me) and encountered the same problem.

What are we doing wrong? How can I send experiments to pavlovia without crashing the program?

Thanks in advance for your help!


The only solution for me was to downgrade my Psychopy version to 2021.1.1, and now everything works fine and perfect ! That error is a bug in the newest versions, as I had the latest version of Psychopy, as you know (2022.2.4).

I answered you here as well, so that others can try this solution too :smile:

I hope that works for others !

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