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Failing to synchronize updates to project on Pavlovia

Hi PsychoPy Team,

my colleagues and I are currently trying to update an experiment that we originally synchronized this morning. It is a basic decision-making experiment using both video and audio files and the keyboard to conduct responses. We were able to upload the project to Pavlovia this morning, but found some minor bugs that need to be changed (mostly spelling errors). The experiment is running smoothly online, but when we try to update the experiment with the minor changes we did offline in the builder in PsychoPy version 2020.2.1, we are unable to synchronize. We are trying to synchronize via the builder; have cleared the cache, used different browsers and tried to remove the project from Gitlab and Pavlovia. For some reason, whenever we upload the project again, it connects to the materials we had uploaded this morning.

We are clueless on what to do and desperately hope you have an idea on how to address this issue. We do not know why we fail to synchronize our changes and any idead is much appreciated!

Take care,
and thanks in advance for your help!


Description of the problem:

Do the updated materials show up in the project files when you view it on If the sync from your computer isn’t working then the project files won’t have changed.

The next step to check is if the files in that project are the ones that appear on (which is where the files actually run from). If the sync between those isn’t working you could try setting the project to Inactive and then set it back to Running. That will clear the files on the server and reinstall them.

Lastly it is the cache, but you say you’ve tried that, so beyond that I’m at a loss I’m afraid

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Hi Jon,

thanks for your help! In fact we simply solved it by updating our PsychoPy version to the most recent version, then deleting all projects onlline, saving them in a new path on our local computer and upload the projects under a new project name!

Thanks again and have a great day!

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