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Problem with saving participant results in online experiment

Hi All, When I run the study on my computer it saves all the data. When I run the study online the paradigm works, and I get at the end the little message with the green label saying “Thank you for your patience. The data have been saved.” However, when I access the data file on my account on gitlab.pavlovia, and when I “Download results” from my pavlovia dashboard, no data is stored there; the data files in which data is supposed to be stored are created each time but they are completely empty.

I tried both options of saving results displayed when activating the experiment from pavlovia dashboard, but the data is not stored in both cases.

I would be very grateful if anyone would help me out find a way to save participants results when running the study from pavlovia!

Could you provide a link to the study for us to investigate it?

link to test paradigm

This is just a smaller partial implementation of the actual paradigm. I wanted to make sure it works accordingly (e.g., online, data storage) before I would implement the entire paradigm.

I’ve tried with 2 test implementations so far with the same outcome. When I tried running only the consent form (first page in the paradigm) it saves the participant response, but not when I add to it the rest in the paradigm.

Thank you!

Just a quick update: I put a loop with no condition files and a single repeat as in this cases Blank csv data file after running online, Data missing/didn't record. It seems data is being saved now.