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Blank csv data file after running online

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I am using Psychopy 3.06 64 bit on windows 10. I created a single routine with a keyboard component. In the Offline version, it runs well however, when running online, the experiment finishes without any data in the csv file. (in the offline version, the data is saved acordingly).

Thanks a lot for all the effort that is put into this great project

I think this is the issue that it seems data aren’t being saved from Routines unless they are inside a loop. (see also Data missing/didn't record)

For a temporary fix you could put a loop with no conditions file and a single repeat so that the data got saved and the loop would have no other visible effect.

Thank-you John,

This fix solved the problem.

I am a big fan of this project,

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Oh my god… I wish I had realized this in time. We didn’t use loops in our experiment. I guess we’re screwed… :open_mouth: