Data missing/didn't record

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: The data file miss part of the data (or didn’t record) that after the experiment loop.
Basically, the data after the loop (attached image) the Q8 Q9 and thankyou didn’t record, but the data from the loop and before it all recorded fine.
I use 3.0.6 Psychopy. I also attached a simple data output and also the psychopy file in below.

testChengyang_faceApp2_2019-03-22_11h57.06.182.csv (1.2 KB)
faceApp2.psyexp (35.4 KB)

That is strange indeed. I’m looking into it.

For info, for a temporary fix you could put a loop with no conditions file and a single repeat so that the data got saved and the loop would have no other visible effect.

My experiment did not work in terms of saving the data. :frowning:

It doesn’t utilize loops, but I don’t see why that’s necessary?

I’m also having an issue where some of my data isn’t recording.

I have an experiment that I am using Pavlovia to run, but I’m using Mturk to recruit participants. I have it coded so that at the very end of the experiment, each participant is given a randomly generated string of 7 numbers that they must enter into Mturk so that I can make sure that they actually did the experiment. I check what the participant entered into Mturk against the string that was saved to the Pavlovia CSV files. I recently was collecting data on 15 participants, and even though I had 15 people on Mturk say they completed the experiment and give me a 7 digit randomly generated string, there were only CSV files for 11 people, with 4 people who provided codes missing CSV files. When I checked my Mturk page for the experiment, it said that 4 credits were reserved for about a day, so I was hoping it was the data files that I was missing, but then this morning they switched to being available.

This also happened a few weeks ago when I was running a batch of 10 people. I’m really not sure what’s going on, my experiment is recording the data. I use CSV files, not the database. Has anyone else run into an issue of not having all of their data record? If so, how did you fix it?