Data is not being saved for some online participants on Pavlovia

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We are currently having trouble with one of our tasks, where the datafiles are being saved for some participants but not for others. Initially we thought this was a matter of people just closing the tab instead of hitting space to submit their work as instructed at the very end, but I’ve since rewrote the task so that the subjects have to hit “space” to be redirected back to the host qualtrics survey on the same window, instead of just to submit their work and return to the survey in another window. Unfortunately, these datafiles are still not being saved for some people, and we know that these are most likely to be missing because the participants are given a six-digit code at the end that they have to enter once they are redirected to the survey and everyone who is missing a datafile has entered one. Can anyone offer any insight to this?
Thank you so much in advance!

So participants are being redirected to Qualtrics (which can only happen if they finish) but you aren’t getting data from them?

Are credits being consumed?
Are you using CSV or database saving?
Can you see .log or .gz files for them?
Do you have a pre-Pavlovia Qualtrics with matching time stamps?

It might be worth adding a link to this thread here: Data don't save on Pavlovia Data file