Platform unknown instead of PSYCHOJS when syncing experiment to pavlovia / 404 not found

Hi all,
I am having some trouble with getting my experiment to successfully transfer from psychopy to Pavlovia. It runs fine locally on psychopy but when I sync the experiment to Pavlovia the platform is listed as “UNKOWN” when it should be “PSYCHOJS”. When I click “Run the study online” locally, it redirected to a 404 not found error.
I have looked at similar posts on the forums and tried the following:
– erasing the hidden .git folder and HTML files locally
– starting a new experiment folder with only the files I need, from a new location
– deleting the study from the experiment dashboard on pavlovia and trying again

I successfully ran some other experiments on pavlovia before but never encountered such problem…My PsychoPy version is V2022.1.3 on Windows.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!

Have you tried changing the experiment name in Experiment Settings to match the file name?

Is the use PsychoPy version field blank?

Yes, the experiment name and the file name are matched. And the PsychoPy version field is blank.
Just now I reinstalled the latest version of PsychoPy and will see whether it helps.

Is Experiment Settings / Online / Output path blank?

Yes. I re-programmed my experiment in the latest version of PsychoPy, now Platform is PSYCHOJS. However, when I pilot it online, there is “TypeError: Number.isInteger is not a function”. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

Here’s that error.

Variable names to avoid are: class, core, final, image, index, Length, list, Object, Number, round, sound, Symbol, t, thisTrial, trials, util, visual.

I have checked all my variables’ names, there is no clash…