Pavlovia storing all key_resp_stimuli.corr as wrong

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Description of the problem:
The experiment is working well offline and correct answers are correctly stored. I managed to push the experiment on pavlovia however I have just noticed looking at the ouptut file that all the column key_resp_stimuli.corr gives back a value “0” even when the answer given by the participant is correct and therefore it should be “1”

Thanks a lot in advance for your support.

Please make your experiment public and I’ll have a look, but my blind guess is that it’s going to be an issue with how keys are identified in JS versus Python.

Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for your answer. You are correct. I had to amended the correct answer box and push everything again on Gitlab and Pavlovia.
I did this intially but the pavlovia was still coding them wrong.
After having looked into this, i found out that despite the new files were all uploaded on Gitlab, pavlovia was still running the old files with the wrong key coding.

I don’t know why this was happening, however to sort this out I deleted the experiment and created a new one with a different name.
I tried initially to create a new one with the same name but Pavlovia was still looking for the old wrong files.

I’m worried that Pavlovia might be a touch overburdened right now, there seem to be several issues along these lines on the forum.

@apitiot could load cause the git and sync issues I’m seeing in this thread and others? See also:

which also are possibly (but not definitely) the result of weird sync behavior.

I don’t think this is caused by the server being overloaded - git is pretty good at handling large numbers of calls simultaneously - but the truth is we’re puzzled about how such merge conflicts occasionally arise. It’s a nut for us to crack when we aren’t quite so buried in a world that just dramatically changed its work patterns! :slight_smile:

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