Pavlovia online blank screen when running

jsPsych version (e.g. 7.3.1): Hi, I’m a fairly new user of Psychopy and I’m encountering an issue when launching it online, it simply displays a blank page with no message, neither an error one. I followed some other threads arguing my same matter and I hence browsed through debugging w F12 (on Chrome) and i got the following errors:

If could help, here’s the piloting link: UGRFinal [PsychoPy]

I also attach the psyexp and related files in case it would help:
TutorialStimuli.xlsx (8.8 KB)
) (1
facesBlock.xlsx (11.3 KB)


19.9 KB) (165.3 KB)

Unfortunately I’m not able to upload all the stimuli, but if anyone would need them just ask :slight_smile:

If anyone could help would be much much appreciated!

You have a folder called index.html which needs to be removed.