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Pavlovia not redirecting to Qualtrics URL

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
This psychopy/pavlovia experiment being initialized from an initial qualtrics survey and then redirecting back to a different qualtrics survey before routing back to prolific. The first portion of from qualtrics to pavlovia works fine, but it’s not directing to the second final qualtrics link and I’m frankly not sure why. I have a separate experiment (control condition: that is essentially the exact same experiment with the same settings but does correctly route through all of the redirect URL links. I’ve combed through some forums and am a bit at a loss since my other experiment works just fine, so would love any thoughts on why this might be!


That looks correct. What happens after you click Ok on the thank you for your patience message? Does it redirect anywhere?

It exits out of the fullscreen but then just stays on a blank grey screen without any sort of refreshing or redirecting so you have to physically exit out of the browser tab. My other experiment does exit out of fullscreen and refreshes to the final qualtrics survey just fine.

Did you recently add the redirect? I’m wondering whether you are running an older version of your experiment.

You can use Ctrl-Shift-R to flush the cache and/or make a small edit to a text component to confirm you are seeing the latest version.

I had tried this yesterday and simply deleted the redirect URL and pasted it back in before syncing it back up to pavlovia to no avail. I can try flushing the cache though and see if that contributes anything above and beyond a simple edit and resync. I had added the URL last week with a few syncs in between then and now and believe it did actually redirect in pilot mode before I had credits loaded to run, but it seems to not be redirecting in full run mode. I was thinking about making a copy of my psyexp file elsewhere, clearing the folder and trying to resync it anew, but clearing the cache may help with that.

Ended up deleting the project from pavlovia and just creating and uploading a new psychopy project and the redirect works great now. Thanks!