Redirect link from Pavlovia Survey not working after experiment runs (but not when I pilot it)

URL of experiment: Masked Semantic Priming [PsychoPy]
URL of pavlovia survey: Pavlovia Survey

Description of the problem:
My experiment in Pavlovia (which runs without any issues and saves the data) links to a Pavlovia survey at the very end of the experiment where participants are given a short debriefing and decide whether to withdraw their data or not. After completing this survey, they need to be redirected to a google form so that they can enter their information and be given credit (whether they choose to withdraw their data or not). This is done though a URL on the Survey Complete page (Survey Complete page markup).

When I pilot or run the survey by itself, the link shows and everything works. When I run the experiment from Pavlovia, the survey does come up at the end of the experiment as it should, but just ends with “Thank you for completing the survey” and the link is not shown (all the data and debriefing survey responses are saved though). Thus my participants cannot be redirected to the google form.

Two other relevant points:

  1. This problem does not occur when I pilot the experiment in Pavlovia.
  2. I already tried putting the google form URL in Completion Url field in Survey Overview, and adding it to the Experiment Online Settings (completion Url)…

The main point is that redirecting to the google form does not work when the Pavlovia survey is accessed through running the experiment (but it does in all other cases).

I would really appreciate some help,


I wouldn’t expect (or want) the redirect link in Pavlovia Surveys to work when the survey is embedded in an experiment using a survey component.

If you are using the PsychoPy redirect link (via Experiment Settings / Online) then it shouldn’t matter whether the experiment contains a survey component or not.

I’m surprised you get different behaviour when piloting. Please could you show a screenshot and copy/paste your completed URL plus show any End Experiment code?

Thanks for your help, I fixed the problem! Based on your reply, I moved the redirect link to the Experiment Settings / Online and removed it from the survey. I also removed “participant” from the Experiment Info. The google form participants are redirected to does not accept any values passed from the experiment (such as the participant ID generated by PsychoPy). I think this was why the behavior was different when piloting vs. running.