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Linking Psychopy to Qualtrics

Hello all,

I’m currently trying to redirect a Pavlovia experiment to a Qualtrics questionnaire, using the directions in this blog. All in all, it’s a great resource, and I’m close to setting it up. However… encountering a problem. (Alternatively, if anyone has another resource for how to link Pavlovia->Qualtrics, I’d be happy to have it!)

There’s a step where you go into the experiment in Psychopy > Settings > Online > Completed URL, and enter the redirect link from Qualtrics.

I think there’s a python syntax issue, because when I do that, it tells me there’s an error. (I note that in the blog’s documentation, they said append $" and id="+expInfo[‘participant’] to the beginning/end of the URL, but they actually have ?id="+expInfo[‘participant’] in their example. --regardless, adding ? didn’t help.) Any idea what might be offending Psychopy to give this error?


I was advised to try the following, which also didn’t help.

  • Check that the direction for the inverted commas are correct, i.e., not confusing “ and ”

  • Check that you are haven’t changed the Experiment info field from ‘participant’.

Thanks for your help.

You do need the ?

You need to use dumb quotes (ones with no direction)