Redirect to Qualtrics after experiment

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

I need to redirect to Qualtrics after completing the Pavlovia experiment and I have put the following in Properties/Online/Completed URL


When I run in Builder it gets to the final screen and then doesn’t redirect (but I assume this is correct).
When I run from Pavlovia or online from Builder it keeps saying initialising… initialising…

Bringing up the Developer Tools interface reveals this:

MentalRotationFinal.js:110 Uncaught
SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘,’

Line 110 of the JS is the final line here

// add info from the URL:
  psychoJS.setRedirectUrls(/* */
, '');

There is definitely no comma in the Completed URL box in the Builder.
I can see a number of people have had problems with redirecting to URLs but I can’t find anyone with this exact problem.
thanks in advance

I had this running fine before I put in the URL but now it gives the same error when I delete the URL and line 110 now reads

 // add info from the URL:

I think that the problem with this URL is that you’ve set it as code (with the $) but then your URL is static.

Try either


$"" + expInfo['participant']

I just tried both of those and they produce the same error.

As does clearing the URL redirect box now (as I say above, with no redirect it produces the same error but line 110 has different code).

Are you using the latest code?

Use an incognito tab or Ctrl-Shift-R in Chrome to avoid cache issues.

What version of PsychoPy are you using?

I think there might be a version there’s a bug where Incomplete URL can’t be blank. Try adding your institutional URL there.

I tried an incognito tab with nothing at all in either URL and it worked (so there’s definitely a cache issue) and now with my Uni URL and the Qualtrics redirect (and a Please Wait message before redirect as well) and that’s working.
So I suspect a combination of cache and “must have an incomplete URL as well”.

Now to try and integrate the participant code…
Thanks for your help!