Pavlovia back to where I left off in Qualtrics

URL of experiment:
stroop [PsychoPy] (Pavlovia URL)

$“Qualtrics Survey | Qualtrics Experience Management” (redirection URL back to Qualtrics from PsychoPy)

Description of the problem: I want to go back to the point in Qualtrics before I left off to go to Pavlovia, but I always end up at the beginning at the survey… What can I do? Has anyone done this before?
I added this part at the end of my URL: &returnSection=experimentComplete" in order to direct it to a specific block in Qualreics. There I added a branch with an equal function, returnSection equals experimentComplete. So that it brings me to that block. But it does not work unfortunately.

Thank you.

You need to split your Qualtrics survey into two…one pre Pavlovia and one post. You can send the responseID from survey 1 to Pavlovia and survey 2 to match up the responses.

Thank you for the response! But is there really no other way of connecting them?

And if I do that, I try to take over one participant ID, that was embedded in the very first Qualtrics survey. Then take it over to Pavlovia and over to the second Qualtrics survey. I have tried to embedd the function: “?participant=${e://Field/ParticipantID}” in the URL’s but it does not work…

Please could you list the following URLs:

Qualtrics to Pavlovia in End Survey redirect to custom URL. It should be something like:${e://Field/ParticipantID}
(and you would need to set ParticipantID in the flow of the second Qualtrics – personally I use ResponseID)

Pavlovia to Qualtrics in Experiment Settings / Online. It should be something like:
$"" + expInfo['participant']
(and you would need to set ParticipantID by URL in the flow of the second Qualtrics)

You could experiment with Qualtrics surveys where you can save and come back later but I haven’t been successful with that approach yet.

What exactly do you mean by this? “(and you would need to set ParticipantID by URL in the flow of the second Qualtrics)”

Qualtrics to Pavlovia Link:${e://Field/ParticipantID}

Pavlovia to Qualtrics Link:

Thank you!

Have another look at my Pavlovia to Qualtrics link. Your quotes end in the wrong place and you are missing the +

And this survey flow is now for the second qualtrics survey or both? Sorry for these questions I just struggle a little as a newby

The second.

How are you generating the participant ID in the first?

Thanks! I set embedded data to ParticipantID=${e://Field/ParticipantID}

That passes the value for ParticipantID to Pavlovia. Where does that value come from?

Please show your Qualtrics flow in the first Qualtrics

Thats another issue, I never see that the ID is being passed on to Pavlovia… I will send screenshots of my Qualtrics flow in a sec

Your Qualtrics needs fixing.

ParticipantID=${e://Field/ParticipantID} won’t give it a value

exploded and number_pumps contain the code in the variable name and won’t work at all.

Do you have someone at your institution who can help you with Qualtrics?

Also, this video may help you to understand daisy chaining.

Thank you for the reply! number_pumps was for the BART task but I took that one out. Unfortunately no one is an expert so to say in this area at my institution or it has been a while since they have done it themselves. But I will have a look at the video you sent! What embedded data would I need to use, for it to get a value? Thank you so much!

I use ResponseID


Do I need to change settings in Pavlovia, regarding what should be safed?

Probably not, if you are sending ResponseID to Pavlovia as participant and then sending participant as participantID to the second Qualtrics.

Hm okay. Because I cannot see the participant ID in the Pavlovia results anywhere.

What are you seeing in the participant column?