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Pavlovia not recognizing PSYCHOJS software platform on certain experiments

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

Hello! I was just wondering if and how I could manually change the software platform of my experiment on Pavlovia. It’s coded in PSYCHOJS but for some reason pavlovia will not recognize it as PSYCHOJS. It would be super helpful if I could change this because it has implications on being able to save incomplete results. I’ve been having some issues with data loss lately and I worry that this is a contributing factor.

Attached here is an image of my current study:

And attached here is an image of a different version of the same study. It somehow was correctly categorized as a PSYCHOJS experiment.

Thank you, and happy holidays!

I have just solved this problem, but not sure if it is the same reason.
I have 2 experiments with similar setting, so I copied the entire folder and changed the name for the second experiment, but then had the same problem that Pavlovis didn’t recognise the second experiment.

So, I created a blank folder and a very simple experiment, then upload this experiment to Pavlovia, and it successfully recognised the platform.
Then, I replaced the simple experiment by the original one (so they should be the same name).

Platform Version = 0 simply means that when you synced PsychoPy wasn’t able to create JavaScript files (probably due to errors in the experiment, but possibly also because a second experiment has been created in the same folder as a previous one or a folder has been copies without deleting the hidden .git folder).