Pavlovia doesn't detect the platform and version and experiment errors

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

When synced to pavlovia any projects I make do not report the platform and version on the pavlovia project page. however the JS ( I have made the simplest experiment to exercise this )

The JS code does script the

import { core, data, sound, util, visual, hardware } from './lib/psychojs-2023.2.2.js';

so I think the change is being detected from builder each time I sync.

When I pilot the experiment I get a page saying “initialising” and the browser errors show a 404error

The experiment should report version 2023.2.2

Any help would be appreciated, both myself and a colleague are independently having these issues over the last few days

Check that the name of the psyexp file matches the name of the experiment in Experiment Settings.

Personally I would also have Use PsychoPy Version as blank. There’s no reason to use 2023.2.2 instead of 2023.2.3

Thanks @wakecarter that’s working now, I’d not realized that the naming had to be consistent and when we were playing with different versions we must have renamed one of the attempts in error.

Thanks again

It’s a comparatively recent “feature” which should be smoother in future releases.