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Issue of changing software platform in Pavlovia


I’m using jsPsych, and try to upload my experiment to Pavlovia. But, it doesn’t allow me to change the Software Platform. It’s fixed to psychojs. How can I change it?
I’ve attached the screenshot.
Any help would be very much appreciated!!

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Hello @g.cs,

If you change the status of your experiment to PILOTING, the software platform should be updated automatically.
Let me know if it does not!


Hello Alain,
Thank you for the reply!
I did change to piloting as well. There was nothing changes.
By the way, has what do you mean by automatically? How does it know I want jsPsych as the software platform?

The system normally determines automatically the platform and version.
What is your experiment?

Is there a way I can manually change?
This is the link.

there might be an issue when I upload the experiment to Gitlab If the system determines automatically ???

I am afraid that your experiment link is invalid. Could you send that to me again?

Hi everyone! Sorry I’m a bit late to the party. I’m having a similar issue and I think it may have implications for saving incomplete data. I’m having a similar problem changing the software platform from Unknown to JsPsych. Any help would be much appreciated! I followed the steps above but so far they haven’t been resolved.




Were you able to figure this out?