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Pavlovia not finding value of image

OS (e.g. Win10): MacOS 10.15.3
PsychoPy version (e.g. 1.84.x): 2020.2.5
Standard Standalone? (y/n) If not then what?: y

Hello! I am a beginner and Psychopy and having issues with Pavlovia not finding the value of my image. When I play the experiment in Pavlovia I get through the initial instructions routines okay and then when I get to a trial that should include images I get the following error message.

the experiment can be viewed here: Emily Perelman / attentional-bias · GitLab

It is worth noting that each time I run it, the error message is the same except it will change the image included (i.e. Plant_7.png instead). I have tried changing the paths to the images by putting them in more folders and taking them out but it seems to not be able to find the image regardless.

I also referenced this help thread: Pavlovia can't find image files and tried pasting

imagePath = ‘html/resources’

into the code component of begin experiment and begin routine, but I still run into the same issue. I am largely unfamiliar with the code component of PsychoPy so I believe my error may lie here and I appreciate any help!

Thank you so much,

Hi Emily,

Have you tried specifying the location of your resource manually using the Experiment settings (cog image) > online tab > resources > use +/- icons to add your files.

This is detailed in threads such as this

and some previous solutions offered in other places such as this


Hi Becca,

Thank you! Regarding the first thread, After trying that I still get the same error message. Regarding the second thread, I am unsure what they mean by trying a relative/full path and don’t know how to create an html/resources folder as they mentioned in the third step. Regarding the solution, I’m only using files defined in an .xlsx file and they all appear in the pavlovia coder view. Let me know if you have any suggestions and thank you again!


Hello Emily,

this version here works for me offline and online. I made a couple of changes to the script.

  1. I put all pictures in one folder called material.
  2. I use Excel to address all pictures instead of using Experiment settings -> Online -> additional resources
  3. The file pointer were sometimes written with upper case first letters but actually started with a lower case letter, for instance all plant related pictures
  4. I change the x-location to 0.5 from 0,5 (although I am not sure whether my Excel change the , to a . on opening the file.
  5. I deleted the " from the CorrAns column.
  6. I corrected corrans to CorrAns as the correct answer.

I forked your project. You find a working version here.

cheers Jens
P.S. I could not add you as a member to the forked project but it is set to public.

Hi Jens,

Thank you so much for your recommendations! This all worked perfectly! I really appreciate your help and these tips will definitely help me to troubleshoot on my own in the future.

All the best,