Unable to find picture resource

I’m currently piloting an experiment on Pavlovia which runs fine in PsychoPY.

I have an Excel file that contains several images that the experiment calls randomly. The image file names are all named correctly in the Excel spreadsheet but when running the experiment on Pavlovia, I receive an error saying it cannot find the images.

Did you specify the images in the “Additional Resources"?



Hi Chen,

Thanks for responding. I hadn’t added the images to the Additional Resources, however, I’ve just added the folder containing the images and it is still showing the same error message.


it is always the same image that is not found? Did you refresh (clean) the browser cache? Did you use absolute or relative paths for the images?

Best wishes Jens

In addition to what Jens asked, sharing the spreadsheet and an image of your “Additional Resources” could be helpful.


Hi, thanks for taking the time to look at this for me. Refreshing the cache and adding file extensions to the conditions spreadsheet seemed to do the trick.