Pavlovia does not recognise the value for images define in the excel file

Hello, I am trying to run my undergraduate student’ task on Pavlovia and I am struggling to run it for the following problem. The platform does not seem to recognise the value of an image (which is set as $‘name of the column on the excel file’.
The error I receive is “when setting the image of ImageStim: image_training, when getting the value of resource: 54_DIS, unknown resources”.

The link to the experiment is:

I tried the following (by reading the forum):

-adding the resources manual in the setting tab (Online/ Additional resources)

  • made changes in the excell file to ensure that the name of the file and the extension were included

I noticed that adding the images as “additional resources” does not change anything in github (e.g., the date of resources updating remain the original one) (not sure this is relevant). I have seen other using codes and setting the path of a “resource” folder, or an html folder. I am not sure ho this would work in my case as I do not seem to see those in github.

I am using Psychopy 2022.2.5 on a Window 10 machine. The task works correctly by using pasychopy locally on the computer.

Hello Barbara

the link you provided does not allow to access your project. You need to make it public if that is possible in your case or add people as developer to your project. Or you create a toy-version of your experiment including material (images and Excel-file) which throws the same error message and upload this (one or two trials are sufficient).

When all your stimuli-files are read via an Excel-file or constant, there is no need to add them via Additional Resources.

Did you cleared the browser’s cache after correcting error in the filenames or used a private browser tab?

Best wishes Jens

Hello @JensBoelte and thanks for your answer. I made the project public now, please let me know if this works.

@JensBoelte cleaning the cache made the trick! Thanks a lot