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Pavlovia and Excel file upload

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Description of the problem:
I am trying to run a study, where the stimuli change their identity (different pictures are shown in different trials) and location on each trial. I put the values for coordinates and the names of pictures in Excel file.
I made the experiment in Buider, and everything works fine. But when I tried to export it to Pavlovia, no stimuli appear on the screen. Resource folder contains all the pictures + Excel file, Pavlovia also seem to upload it all (I can see in the progress bar for uploading the resources before the experiment begins). No error messages appear, the experiment starts, but the stimuli do not appear.
When I tried to change the location and identity of one image to constant, this image started to appear. So the problem seems to be related with Excel file upload.

Thanks in advance a lot if someone can give me a cue:)

One known issue is that if you have the coordinates of a image in an Excel file, you should have different columns for X and Y rather than having one column with both.

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That worked! Thank you very much!!!