Unknown resource error for images not in Excel conditions list

URL of experiment: https://run.pavlovia.org/AnnaAdi/non_symbolic_comp_num/html

Description of the problem:


I’ve been trying to upload an experiment to Pavlovia, and I get the following error message:

The experiment contains image stimuli (jpg files), which run according to excel conditions lists. it also contains some other images (also jpg files of instructions and blank and fixation images that appear before every stimulus) which are not included in the excel lists.

The PsychoPy file and the excel lists do not include paths. The experiment runs successfully on my computer. It was created with the builder (no coding).

When exporting to HTML, the image files not included in the excel lists are not copied automatically to the “resources” folder, so I add them manually.

I created a project on Pavlovia and all the files (including these I saved manually) were uploaded automatically to the “resources” folder in the online repository. But when trying to run a pilot, I get this error message. The file named “inst_imon_num” is the first image (instructions) that should be displayed during the experiment, and this is a jpg file that is not included in the excel lists.

Note that when the PsychoPy flow includes only image files which are included in excel lists, the pilot on Pavlovia runs successfully.

What should I do to solve this problem?


Are you forgetting to add the extension, i.e. inst_imon_num.jpg

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thanks for your question.
I’ve tried that. Adding the extension or omitting it does not solve the issue.


I think this post will answer your question:

That post seems to be about images with numbers for file names and is from 2019. Is that still an issue?

Well, I had an issue with my file names that was not solved by other fixes listed in posts in this forum, so possibly.


Thank you all for your assistance!

I could not solve the issue, but I found a work around: I changed the PsychoPy flow, so all the routines run through csv condition lists, including the instructions, blank and fixation images.


I’m really surprised that it can do that given that some of your image components refer to files without an extension (e.g. Fix instead of Fix.jpg). The error is referring specifically to inst_imon_num, the first image to be shown. What if you just change that field to contain inst_imon_num.jpg? I know you say that it works locally, but…

[Oops, just saw that Wakefield had already suggested that, and that you’ve since posted a solution. But given that the problem was resolved if you use conditions files, and your conditions files do use .jpg suffixes, I can’t help feeling that this must have a factor].