Can't access my Pavlovia account

What’s the problem: I created an account before the fire and could not log into that. I kept getting the error that username or password were incorrect (though I double checked). Now while the site was being fixed I was able to create a new acc - same username, same e-mail adress but I am facing the very same issue.

What I’ve tried: I tried the forgot password option but I am not getting any e-mail (not even in the spam folder, not even after a day). I tried creating a new account but the username and the adress I’ve previously used are already taken so the account should exist.

Thanks in advance for any advice/help on this - it’s really appreciated! :sunny:

Hey Roxana, could you try clearing your browser cache and then try to login again? If that doesn’t work out, could I know your username on Pavlovia?

Hi @thomas_pronk, I tried that but the results stay the same.
My username is RoxanaR.

Thanks! I passed the information on to our database wizards. We’ll give a shout once we found something out!

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Thanks a bunch!

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Hello @Roxana ,

I can confirm that both accounts exist, on the permanent and on the temporary server.
How about I reset your password and temporarily disable Two-factor Authentication on If that is fine with you, I could simply email you the details.


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Hello @apitiot, that would be wonderful, thank you very much!