Problems Logging into Pavlovia

Sorry for posting here but I am worried and frustrated and don’t know who should I contact.
I cannot log into my account with my credentials (both school email and username) and I cannot fetch my experiment ( starting from last week (about the time of the major fire). I cannot even reset my password- after I keyed in my email no reset confirmation was sent to my email.
What worries me the most is that when my username (carolyeung) was entered on the register tab it said that the username is available… Is my account deleted or something? I am super anxious because I have already collect several data but have no access to my account right now.
Please help or contact me via my school email (, thank you!

Presently, your account isn’t there, probably because the current database is based on a version from the 4th of January. However, if everything goes well, your account (and experiments) will be restored over the course of next week. See these posts for more info:

Hi there, I can’t log in to Pavlovia still. I am assuming that, as @thomas_pronk says, “if everything goes well” next week, I should be able to log in and download my experiment results. Do we know how long? I cant graduate without the experiment data.

While can’t yet tell when exactly, I strongly recommend getting an e-mail whenever me make an announcement, so that when we’ve got news, you’ll be among the first to know. See this post for instructions: How to stay informed about our progress in restoring Pavlovia - #3 by thomas_pronk

Your data are now available on a temporary server while we merge pre/post-fire data back into a single site:

I had about 30 cvs files of data in my experiment before the fire.
I followed your instructions and got one empty cvs file.
I also can’t log in to Pavlovia with my credentials, although I can log in to Gitlab, not much difference no data any ways.

@Jon_Aisi am I right in thinking your query was solved by Alain here?

Yup I downloaded all the data. Thank u so much!!

Thanks Thomas and Jon, have downloaded the data for now!

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Good luck wrapping up your thesis!