Participant Data Missing

URL of experiment: No longer available on my dash board.

Description of the problem:Hi, I created 4 experiments for my research methods class. I need to download the data to share with students to write up their research report. Unfortunately there is no data for participants available when I check my experiments but when I checked last week I had data. Do you know if this is a temporary issue or when it will be available again? I also noticed there is no URL available for sharing at the moment.

Have you tried clearing the browser cache? Also what do you mean with a URL for sharing exactly? SERVER NEWS: Pavlovia back online, data merged, all systems operational - #4 by jon


Yes, I did clear the browser Cache. I had similar issues to the ones just recently described on the forum and that fixed that issue. Once I logged in though all my data was gone.

Yes, I mean to share the URL option is gone but I have those links shaved so it’s probably not an option just thought I should let you know!

Thanks for the heads-up! Could you share the link? Then I can pass it on to our database magician to check

That’s great thanks

Apologies I had four different links for different conditions!

The last 2!

Thanks! He’s taking a moment to chill out now, but I’ll tug his shirt. Update soon!

No problem at all. Honestly, I know how busy you must be and as it’s a module report and not data to be published I’ll figure something out if it’s an issue!

Hello @LisaFitz ,

I believe that the data is there and indeed you can get them, as per usual, by either downloading them from your experiment page with the [Download results] button, or from GitLab. I just impersonated you and can confirm that dozen of results were downloaded.

I believe you were tricked by the session counters, which are currently incorrect since I have not updated them just yet (I focused on making the experiments code and data available to designers as quickly as possible): that will be sorted out in the coming days.

Could I trouble you with giving it a go? Do not hesitate to contact us again here, should there be any difficulties.