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Pavlovia: Data files missing

URL of experiment: PRL [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: My study has 122 responses but has only saved 40 of those data files. The task works fine and participants must get to the end of task as they cannot progress in the study without doing so. I have another task where all the data has saved.

Pavlovia has the correct number of attempts and last saved but there is not data.


I’ve ran it myself and its fine, but it hasn’t saved data for anyone else in 2 week

Hello @CDawes,

It appears there is a mismatch between the number of participants displayed on the experiment page and the actual number of participants.
I have added myself to your study so I can see what is going on on my end, and the numbers I am getting are: 56 participants in total, which tallies up with the sessions records.
Would you like to go back to your experiment page and check?

As far as I can tell, there is no running issues. It does not seem that anyone ran your experiment lately.
I have also just run your experiment on my end, and it was fine.