SERVER NEWS: Pavlovia back online, data merged, all systems operational

Writing to let you know that Pavlovia is fully back online. All data/accounts from pre/post fire are now merged and all systems are operational again. Huge thanks to Alain in all he achieved mitigating the consequences of this pretty huge event.


Cheers to the team! Thank you so much! :partying_face:

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Over 5000 projects needed merging in the last few days! Do check that your data look as expected. There are a few particular cases that we will discuss with you individually, where it wasn’t clear how to carry out the merge.

Critically, if the merge hasn’t worked as expected then don’t panic - copies of all data from have been kept in their pre-merge state as well so we can ultimately recreate whatever you need, or help you to do it yourself. But we actually think the vast majority of projects have their data fully merged with no problems.

Do check your experiments carefully to make sure they still run as expected.

If you run in to things that don’t seem right, the first thing to try is to refresh your browser cache. Sometimes that stores old copies of a page for you which is confusing if the old copy doesn’t show you the merged data. (You could also try loading in not-your-normal-browser to check this).

Hope it’s all working for you now and sorry once again for the inconvenience. We don’t anticipate any further service disruptions in the foreseeable future.

good luck with your continued studies


Thank you so much! You and the team are phenomenal for getting everything back up and running so quickly and for keeping us in the loop through the process. Cheers!


Thanks for all your efforts in bringing things back online. Cheers.


Hi Jon,

I think I am one of the few cases for which the merge did not work as expected.
I have refreshed my browser cache without success.

What can I do to retrieve a copy of my experiment pre-merge?

Thank you for all your hard work on this!

Hey @alexaruel,

Our database magician is taking a moment to recover. Meanwhile I’m collecting merge issues for him. Could I have the URL to the project?

Best, Thomas

Absolutely; a well deserved break!
I am not sure what the URL to the project should be as the projects I have access to may be different, but I do know that the experiment was running using

I hope that helps! Let me know if you need anything else.

That’s the one! What exactly went wrong with merging this project? Also, could you tell me in a comment in this post? Issue with project since merge

If you encounter a merge issue, could you do the following?

First try to clear your browser cache. If that doesn’t help:

  • Please make a new post in the category Online experiments
  • Add a link to your repo
  • Mention what issue you encountered when merging.

Thanks! (I’ll close this thread now to keep things a bit tidy)