Labjack installation to dedicated python copy?

I am trying to run a LabJack U3 with PsychoPy. I installed the LabJackPython package and I can see and interact with the U3 using IDLE, but not through PsychoPy (says it can’t find that module). My guess is that the LabJackPython package installed for my machine’s general Python copy but not for the one that PsychoPy runs on. I’d appreciate some guidance on how to install the software so that PsychoPy can find it.

Very likely correct.

This may be a little bit outdated, and I think a better method is coming soon, but should hopefully get you started:

Thank you, Michael. Adding the path to the Preferences did the trick (to some extent). I can now use coder to get a pulse out of the LabJack, but for some reason the Builder utility for LabJack is not cooperating. I am using the FI0 option, so I am not sure what may be the issue.
I looked at the code and the Coder script addresses the FI04 port directly while the module seems to use a generic FI00. I am not sure if that is what makes the difference. I tried all FI0 ports (4,5,6,7) and was not able to see a pulse.