Interest in a LabJack GUI?

Hi, everyone:

I’m trying to gather some info on whether people using PsychoPy would find it useful to have a GUI for the LabJack devices (similar to the one Jeremy Gray wrote for the ioLabs button box or that exists for the Cedrus box). I’d like to get a sense of how many people either currently use LabJack and would like to see a builder component for it or would start to use LabJacks if a builder component existed.

If you would find an easy-to-use builder component for the LabJack helpful or would like to see one, could you post on this thread so I could get a rough count?



One of the things that this could do would be to enable people to use a Labjack u3 as a way to upgrade ioLab button boxes. (These seem to no longer work with Mac 10.13, and the company has been out of business for years.) This would be quite a bit cheaper than buying a new button box, and allow a lot more customization options.

Yes I think it could prove very useful. We have a few people using the Labjacks for sending triggers, and a builder component would make things easier for them.

As Jeremy points out it would also facilitate turning all our old ioLabs button boxes into functional boxes again by replacing the innards with a Labjack U3. We have made a few of them semi functional by putting BlackBoxToolkit 4 button USB response boxes inside, but the Labjack could prove more flexible for less cost.

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Looks like there was not much interest in this in 2018. We are trying to use a Labjack (which connects to the computer via USB) with a custom 4-key keypad hooked directly to 4 of the digital IO lines on the Labjack. The idea is to use this instead of the computer keyboard for subject responses. It would be nice to have a function like waitkeys (say, waitkeypad) that would take input (subject responses) from the Labjack ports instead of the computer keyboard. Do you know of anything like this written already, or some example code using the Labjack we could look at? I notice you do support the Cedrus Buttonbox and the ioLabs buttonbox. Might there be code for those we could adapt for our custom keypad?