Labjack not working (module not found)

OS (Win10):
PsychoPy version (2022.1.1):
Standard Standalone? (y)

I’m trying to send digital EEG codes via a Labjack. I add the parallel component and select “Labjack U3”. When running the experiment, it fails with the errors No module named 'u3' and No module named 'labjack' (see attached screenshot). The U3 is recognized by my computer and I’m able to send codes to my EEG system directly using the LabJack ControlPanel software. Also, for what it’s worth, I have successfully sent codes via the LabJack on this same setup using an earlier version (2020) of PsychoPy.

As always, any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated!



Did you find a solution for this ?
I’m having the same issues and I installed labjack in the same directory path as PsychoPy:

C:\Program Files\PsychoPy\Lib\site-packages\

…using the following command line:
python -m pip install LabJackPython

The above folder also contains two sub-folders:


Python version: 3.6.6

I have looked for ways around it by I cannot solve it.


I’m afraid I did not eventually solve this. Sorry to hear you’re struggling with it too!

I will continue to find for a solution and update here if I find it.

Can you also update if you find a solution in the meantime?


Will do!

Hi Andrew,

I replaced:

from labjack import u3


import u3

Now , I no longer receive the errors.
But I made sure that labjack was installed in the PsychoPy site-packages directory.

I still need to test the labjack to see if it will receive triggers from PsychoPy and send them to the EEG.

Can you try and confirm on your end?