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Setting up LabJack U3-LV with Psychopy for triggers

PsychoPy version 2021.1.3.

Greetings all!

We have recently purchased a LabJack U3-LV to help us send triggers using Psychopy. However, we are having troubles getting it up and running as it appears there are set-up requirements that require some knowledge of Python, that I do not have. Is there anyone who may be able to provide a simple guide on how to get started?

Any info would be hugely appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi @JvvP11 , a good start will be to take a look at the docs but also see the Psychopy Coder demos, which have some demo code for using a LabJack U3 - see demos>hardware>

Hi @dvbridges, thanks for getting back to me. I have been playing around with the settings today and I think we are very close, but haven’t quite cracked it just yet.

I have wired the DB25 into the GRND and F100 terminals of the LabJack device. When I run Psychopy’s demo (as you suggested), I can see clear triggers delivered with each button press, suggesting everything is wired correctly. However, when I run my own experiment through builder using the p_port item (start_data = 1, stop_data = 0, port_address = labjack U3) the triggers are not sent to my device.

Do you know which port and which pin the p_port item uses by default to send the triggers? I can only assume this is my issue as the p_port item doesn’t seem to let me manually select a pin or port?

When using the Builder Parrallel Out component, data is written to the EIO register of the U3, which can be accessed using the DB15 breakout you can purchase with the base U3 device.

We plan on adding the option to select which U3 register is updated (EIO or FIO) in a future version of Builder.