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Description of the problem:

Hi all,

I am creating an experiment to measure social influence. Participants can search for information on 24 textboxes with reviews from people. To show participants the reviews, I created a display. When participants are clicking on the textboxes, the review will appear on the display.

The textes for the questions and reviews are coming from an excel file. The experiment is running fine on my computer with PsychoPy but when I am uploading it on Pavlovia there is an issue with the input for the reviews/feedback. You can see the question in the gray box in both pictures I attached. The question is a column in the excel file, is not written in [“…”] and is not causing me any trouble.

I tried to write the text for the feedback without and “…” and I received a different error.

I uploaded both of the errors I received as screenshots and my excel file.

It would be wonderful if someone could help with that.


quest1.xlsx (11.7 KB)

How exactly do you try to get the values of your feedback vectors (fbpos and fbneg) to be displayed in the textboxes? Wouldn’t it be easier to just divide all 24 feedbacks into separate columns (fbpos1, fbpos2, …, fbneg1, fbneg2,…)?

#Code Begin Routine

clickables = [textboxes1,textboxes2,textboxes3,textboxes4,textboxes5,
textboxes19,textboxes20,textboxes21,textboxes22,textboxes23,textboxes24] #all textboxes clickable
clicked_things =

shuffle(fbpos) #Text from the excelfile gets shuffled
fbyoung=fbpos[(oplus):(oplus+yplus)]+fbneg[(omin):(omin+ymin)] #omin, oplus, yplus and ymin are
certain ratios from another excel file (e.g. 6 positive and 6 negative feedbacks from the old persons > in the textboxes would be the equal condition).


So what I am basicly doing is, putting in the feedback as list.
Shuffle the lists.
Allocate the feedback lists in a certain ratio to two new lists: the list for feedback from old and young persons.
Last step is to put the the list with feedback from old and young persons to one feedback list (fb). The clickable textboxes in my routine are in a certain order (first 12 old persons next 12 young persons) so that they can show the right feedback.

Your solution might work if I am putting the texts back togehter in my code.
Like that: fbpos=[[“fbpos1”]+[“fbpos2”]+[“fbpos3”],…]
But would there any difference if I would writing the hardcode in the Routine?

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: