Pavlovia cant find/ not reading excel files

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I had my experiment working well as a pilot, however today it has stopped reading the excel file associated with it. From the builder everything runs smoothly offline but when I pilot my study online I get black (missing) images and “hello world” for the text for all the stimuli which are defined using an excel sheet of trials.

I have no idea why pavlovia cant seem to find the excel files as it doesnt give me any errors (just missing images & text) so any help would be really appretiated!



Could it be that the missing images are just outside of the screen? The experiment ran locally without problems but the text aso. did not appear properly located. You specified everything in pixel. You might want to a look at this. to determine the proper unit.

CU Jens

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Thanks for your quick reply, I will check out the link and change the units for everything - I have been on the search for how to correctly size things!

I am not sure that is the problem though, because instead of displaying the text that I specify in the conditions file it is displaying “Hello World” which I thought was an indiciation that the variable hasnt been correctly assigned?

Best, Elle


Well, I do not know where the “Hello World” comes from but your text and pictures were not properly displayed on my screen. I get the following warning:

Alert 2115:Your stimulus size exceeds the X dimension of your window.
	For further info see
Alert 2115:Your stimulus size exceeds the Y dimension of your window.
	For further info see

If you want to make it an online-experiment you need to use device-independent units otherwise not. But solve one problem after the other :wink:

You are correct. “Hello world” is an indication that a variable is not properly defined. Looking through your code it seems that you define four text components: $FeedbackText, $Chat, $line2 and $line1. So, it can be only one of these. Set one after the other to a constant instead of a variable text to determine which causes the problem. It might simply be a typo.

Best Jens

Jens thank you so much for helping me figure this out.
So it seems there are two problems:

  1. the units of all my components need to be changed so that they can work on different sized screens
  • this I can solve by going through the link you sent above and making a few edits (thank you :slight_smile: ).

Sadly the second problem is much more significant.

  1. When running the study online the variables which are defined by my xlsx conditions file are not being defined. This is only happening online and is happening for all variables in the file > suggesting that the issue lies with either reading or finding the excel file.
  • When making the variables a constant they all work, suggesting that pavlovia can find the ‘images’ folder ok, and there is some issue with finding the excel file.
  • I have tried deleting the excel file and creating a new one
  • I have checked for typos in the variable names and the name of the file
  • I have checked that the files are there in my Github

I cant think of any other things I should check for!?


ok, the problem seems to be in the Excel-files. I noticed that you defined the column “Trial” in both your warmup-Excelfiles. Variable names should be unique! BTW PsychoPy/PsychoJS reports the number of trials and the index (line-number) of a trial list. Perhaps, you don’t need it at all?

The variable shade is set to 0,2 in WarmUpConditions.xlsx. I am not sure whether my Excel converted this on opening the file, but it should be 0.2 instead, shouldn’t it.

In addition, one component seems to be disabled. Is this intentional?

Try to make a simpler version of your experiment which simplifies checking. Adding one feature after another.

Best Jens

Yes you were right the problem was how I had my excel files!

In my outerloop I had a variable ‘rows’ to define which row of the inner conditions file should be associated with each outer repeat and then for my inner loop i had put Selected rows as $rows.
However, rather than detail my inner conditions file within the outloop excel sheet I had put it as the conditions file for the inner loop which mean that pavlovia couldnt find the variable rows.

i.e. in the version with errors my loops looked like this:

But instead it should have been like this:

:smiley: now to get on to fixing all the units!