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Inconsistent issues when running experiments on Pavlovia

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Description of the problem: I’m having some issues with two of my pavlovia tasks. Both tasks involve presenting participants some videos after which they are asked to provide written answers to some questions (Task 1) or give ratings (Task 2). Most of the time both tasks work as they should, however, approximately 25% of the time one of the tasks ends in an error (4-5 times out of 18).

When this happens, the task stops at a random point, sometimes after a video stimulus, other times after a either written response or rating, and yet other times right at the end after the participant has finished everything and the words “Thank you” are displayed on the screen. When this happens the screen suddenly turns grey for a while and then an error message quickly flashes on the screen and then the task closes. Unfortunately, the error messages flashes on the screen so fast my participants are unable to tell me what it said. I have no idea why this happens or why it happens only sometimes.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? Or how to prevent it from happening in the future?

Note: I tell my participants to use only Chrome or Firefox browser as I’ve read that there have been issues with pavlovia tasks when using Safari or Edge/Internet Explorer.

Thanks so much!

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