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Eyectracker Tobii 4C works on psychopy?

I saw that the Tobii EyeX seems to work on psychopy, but how about the new Tobii 4C?

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Tobii recently updated their SDK, and there were some breaking changes to the API - I don’t know if this only works with the newest SDK, but I would be cautious!

I can highly recommend Tobii support though. If you message them to ask what works with this eye tracker (which APIs), they will probably be very helpful!

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License agreement for 4C forbids end user from streaming and saving the raw data, plus as far as I know it is also impossible to do so with the new 4C/eyeX SDK which is focusing on gaming and game dev. EyeX used to come with gaze SDK which gave access to the x,y,z data but this has been discontinued. Pro licence is something around £3k + device cost.

Tobii has some low level sdk for .NET but provides very little support on how to use it:

I got myself the 4C as I thought that it would be a good cheap device (after Eye Tribe was sold to Facebook and SMI to Apple), but it looks like you can own a device but you are not allowed to use it in a way you wish to, which I find totally preposterous.

Hope that helps.


Finally, I have spent about 9 mo trying to make a Tobii 4c work. Ug. What would you suggest that is not discontinued and will work with iohub. It seems all the Tobiis under $200 US are discontinued except for the 4c and it looks like that will never be available to work with PsychoPy. I spent so much wasted time on this thinking I was doing something wrong. YES, I started with the wrong eye tracker. Should I look for a used Tobii EyeX on eBay?

Tobii EyeX is available on eBay for $140 (US). Will that work with iohub and psychoPy?

Now I am definitely mad and perplexed at PsychoPy. A colleague says a friend developed a Matlab tool box that works with the eyeX and 4c in Matlab: What is going on? The IOHub doesn’t work on Macs and I know this lab didn’t spend $4 on the SDK for PCs only. How can I convince PsychoPy to make the iohub work on Macs and make the 4c work too. I do not want to go back to matlab but this is really disturbing. I will copy my colleagues email below.

Hi Bill,

My collaborators from the Berkeley Deep Drive group are using the older model (EyeX). Both Tobii 4C and EyeX work well with the Matlab toolbox that my colleague Agostino Gibaldi (from Marty Banks’ lab) created. You can find it here. It comes with sample experiments and code that you can easily put together to test the eyetracker. You can find it here. It works for both models so you could just use the 4C with it.

I hope this is helpful!

You will definitely need to buy the “Pro License” from the Tobii company to make the 4C eyetracker work.

After you have obtained that, it’s relatively straight forward to integrate with PsychoPy. Though NOT via the IOHub, but rather via the Tobii API:

See this experiment as an example:

Note that this may be a lot to take in, but you can check out the following files: README,, (in, search for all things related to eyetracking)