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Tobii4c with iohub and macintosh

PsychoPy version 3.02
Standard Standalone? Y
Use Tobii eye tracker.
I have not bought a Tobii eye tracker yet but can put my hands on one. I read the eye tracking chapter in the great PsychoPy book. It seems using the Tobii with PsychoPy, IOHub and the YAML file is straight forward but a bit complex. But around my institution, people are discouraging me from trying saying one needs a ~$2000 license from Tobii and/or it will not work with a Mac. I searched this forum and have seen none of that. Has anyone followed the PsychoPy book instructions for a Tobii and gotten it to work? Are my friends working on old information. I don’t want to spend a lot of time if I am doomed to failure in the end, but honestly the Iiohub and the YAML file sees not so hard in the book.

Hi Bill,

I have not used a Tobii myself, but someone seems to have had success with using one with ioHUB and posted some tips here:

and someone here got at last part way: