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Integrating eye-tracking with Tobii eye-tracker

OS (e.g. Win10): Win7
PsychoPy version (e.g. 1.84.x): v.3.1.2
Standard Standalone? (y/n) Yes
What are you trying to achieve?:
I guess this is a broad question but hoping to be pointed in the right direction from others experiences.

I’m trying to now integrate eye-tracking into an existing PsychoPy Builder script that I’ve put together. We use a Tobii X3-120 eye-tracker in our lab on a Win7 system. In the past, I’ve always created my eye-tracking experimenters using E-Prime with Tobii commands. I’m now in the process of moving over to PsychoPy (hopefully forevermore!)

However, I’m struggled to figure out the best way to get started as there seem to be lots of different ways to approach this. I’m still a beginner coder and trying to figure out which method would work best for me.

I have a copy of the psychopy book and had begun working from that. However, from reading different online posts and topics here on the forum it seems there are other ways to approach this. For example:

  1. The psychopy book chapter on eye tracking
  2. Aleksander Nitka’s guide on using Tobii Eye Trackers with PsychoPy Builder
  3. Hiroyuki Sogo’s psychopy_tobii_controller module
  4. Python for eye-tracking workshop with (Sol Simpson, Michael MacAskill and Jon Peirce) materials

For those who use Tobii eye-trackers or perhaps have also recently moved from E-Prime to PsychoPy - what would you recommend? Whilst I see similarities across all guides, they all seem to vary slightly!


Hello all. :wave:

Just another attempt to see if there is anyone who would be willing to share their recommendations/experiences of using the above resources to integrate Tobii eye-tracking into Builder?

Many thanks in advance :grin:

Hi, you mentioned my setup above (2). I am happy to give you some advice on how I implemented eye tracking into builder.

Ps. there is another way, although I have not tested it myself, by Edwin Dalmaijer’s pygaze

Any luck or advice with this? I’m also beginning to attempt to integrate PsychoPy and Tobii SDK…

I’m also very interested in how you implemented a Tobii Eyetracker into PsychoPy…

We recently created Titta, a Python (PsychoPy) and Matlab (PTB) toolbox to communicate with Tobii eye trackers.

can you also record additional variables (e.g.,current gaze position) using Titta or you can only perform calibration?

@matiasfduque and @Leidy sorry guys been busy with work and the current situation has not helped at all. Please let me know if you’re still having problems with integrating Tobii into your experiments and maybe I will skype/FT/zoom you to talk about it?

Hello all,

As part of my experiment, I want to record eye tracking data from young infants. Following this and other posts, I see that there is a way to link psychopy with eye trackers to calibrate and record data. However, I would like to further control the psychopy experiment presentation based on eye tracking data (e.g. Skip trial when participants looked away from the screen for over one second). Does anybody know if such real-time eye-tracking-driven psychopy manipulation is possible? I ve read the Titta toolbox paper and it seems possible but before I buy a new eye tracker, I would like to be sure about feasibility.

Does anybody have any experience with this? If so, are there also recommendations as to which eye tracker to purchase?

Thank you,


Hello @quino,

I was wondering if you found a way to do that in PsychoPy. I have to implement the same sort of design with young children as well. Did you end up doing it with Titta Toolbox ?

Thanks a lot !