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Using new Tobii Pro SDK with Psychopy backend

Hi Everyone,

Although I haven’t been active on PsychoPy discourse before, I’ve used PsychoPy quite a lot in my research and wanted to share some code that I’ve been working on.

I’ve been developing a wrapper to work with the new Tobii Pro SDK that just replaced the Tobii Analytics SDK. It only contains pretty basic functionality and calibration routines, but it should be enough to help people get started with Tobii trackers and their new SDK. Currently, the wrapper is hosted on my github and can be downloaded as a package.

Please let me know how this package works for y’all, and any suggestions about adding or changing its functionality would be very appreciated.

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Thanks! Looks cool. I should note there’s another project like this, also on github, here:

Oh cool! So he made one for the new SDK, thanks for pointing that out!

This is exciting work, thanks for sharing! I will take a look at this and see if there’s anything I can add!

Out of curiousity, if you’ve spent time with this SDK - are you aware what the current compatibility and licensing rules are? Is this SDK compatible with all of Tobii’s trackers, or just the Pro ones? This question has come up a few times on the forums now.

That’s a great question, I’m not particularly well versed on the compatibility and licensing rules. I’m currently using tobii pro x3-120’s to test, but my lab also has some earlier x2-60’s (i’m just out of the country and haven’t been able to use them yet). There is an upgrade key that should make older tracker models work with the new Pro SDK. If people can test the wrapper with other models, I would love to hear feedback.

One funny thing that I did notice is that, for some reason, the SDK v1.1 was not working with the x3-120’s, but the the SDK v1.0 hasn’t been a problem. It’s probably just a bug that they’ll fix soon.