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Seeking help in installation psychopy wiht tobii sdk 3.1.0 pro

Hello every one, i am graduate student am doing research in eye tracking movement anlaysis. So as part of my research i need to connect to tobii tx360 eye tracker using tobii sdk3.1.0. After doing research i found that psychopy along with sdk3.1.0 could give efficient results, I tried to set up this environment but i couldn’t, If any one knows could you please help me in this environment setup.
my local env : windows10/python 2.7 32 bit/tobii sdk 3.1.0 32 bit
thank you everyone.

Hi there, you’ll need to provide details of the issues you’ve encountered when trying to set this up.

Depending on the functionality you need from the SDK another option may be to use ioHub, which comes installed with PsychoPy and supports Tobii trackers.

thank you for your reply. as you asked my desired functionality is to export the tracking data values to my local using tobii sdk, I tried to install only tobii sdk, could able to connect to tobii tracker but couldn’t get the tracking values after running calibration. While working on that issue i came across psychopy. I am very navy to this environment setup, Can you help me in Iohub +psychopy+tobii installation!! It would be greatful if you provide steps

If you have a specific issue with the Tobii SDK you’ll may have to contact Tobii for support

For installing PsychoPy, there are instructions in the documentation

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I followed the instructions given in shared link, and installed psychopy, but do you have any idea about how to link this psychopy to tobii sdk? thanks alot for your help

hello jgoodliffe installed succesfully thank you so much :slight_smile: , but facing issue with positioning eye, If you have any idea let me know thank youu :smile: