Experiment reload after pressing escape

URL of experiment: pilot1 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:


I’m encountering an issue when I run my experiment online. After loading all resources and starting the experiment, I noticed that if a participant presses ‘Escape’ for any reason, instead of terminating the experiment and displaying the usual grey window, the resources are reloaded, and the experiment is ready to start again. Please note that I’m not experiencing issues with participants completing the experiment; in that case, the experiment terminates correctly. I don’t encounter this problem with another experiment that I tried to run in pilot mode.
Has someone an idea of what is happening?

Thanks in advance for any insight.



What have you put as your incomplete URL?

It should be blank if you don’t want escape to lead anywhere

Thanks @wakecarter for the help!
it is just blank. I’ve only the prolific link for the complete URL

The behavior has to do with the Completed URL. If I remove it, pressing escape just lead to the usual gray window.
Is there a way to keep the Completed URL and avoid the reload of the experiment?

Maybe when there is a completed URL but Incomplete is blank then incomplete is interpreted as “/.” and it reloads. You could add an Incomplete to a safe location (e.g. your institution’s website)

Thanks for the suggestion! I opted to simply show the completion code on the last slide and in this way I bypassed the problem.


I would not recommend displaying the Prolific completion code since people may write it down and not submit. I have seen this as a reason for data loss.

Thanks for the suggestion! I didn’t have this problem till now but I’ll take this into account for the future.