Problem with retrieving incomplete data online

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I was under the impression that when users close the browser window they no longer consent to the experiment and when they hit escape - the experimenter has the option to retrieve incomplete data or to release reserved credits - but seems like I am not able to retrieve incomplete data. Is there a way I can retrieve incomplete data?

My understanding is that if the participant presses escape, the data is deleted because the participant has effectively withdrawn consent.

@wakecarter - is there a way to save trials completed before participants choose to hit escape? or is there a way to assign a key to exit experiment key instead of escape? - I understand if some closes the browser window it shouldn’t be saved, it will be helpful to know how to retrieve incomplete data…any pointers, please?

Are you asking your participants to press escape?

@wakecarter: Yes, at any point they want to end the experiment - they press escape: and its totally up to them to end early - but i would like to have that data stored… Do you recommend using another key to exit experiment and if yes, could you tell me how to best implement it via builder. Here is a link to my experiment:

Try another key and then win.close(), i.e. psychoJS.window.close();

Please let me know if it works.