Saving responses in case of Psychopy crash

Hi all!
I have just created a long experiment and I was wandering what happens, if in the middle of it, a participant presses ‘escape’ key (for whatever reason) and the experiment stops. Or the experiment just crashes in the middle.
How do I create a code, which saves the answers, created till the crash?

I am not sure about response saving. About the accidental ‘Escape’ press, you can disable this option in the properties of the experiment:

Thanks for this. But in case, if disabling the ‘escape key’ is not the best solution, I was wandering whether the responses, made till the point of crash would be saved? And how to make sure they will be saved?


are you talking about online or offline experiments? In case of online-experiments, just select the option to save incomplete data-sets. In case of offline-experiments, try out yourself and crash/finish the experiment. Data are save on a trial-basis.

What do want to do with incomplete data-sets?

Best wishes Jens

I have combined different tasks in one experiment. If, for any reason the experiment will crash before the end, I would be able to use the data from the complete tasks. Setting each task separate is inconvenient in this case, as the experiments will run in school setting and for 30 participants at the same time. So, if I have to go round and start the experiment every task, it would take ages.
I have noticed that data are saved on the trial bases, just was not sure whether this is always like that.