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Disabling participants from exiting full screen


I was wondering if there is a way to disable participants from exiting the full screen while they are doing the experiment. I’m assuming one was is to put a code in each routine disabling the Esc key from taking them out of the full-screen mode, but wanted to see if there is an easier way out there.

Hi @dalhe, in PsychoPy experiment settings, you have the option to enable/disable escape as a quit key:

I just tried it out and when I run online, it still exits the full screen when Esc key is pressed

This should work for the latest version of PsychoPy. Which version are you using? If you are using 2020.1.3, then first try refreshing your browser to make sure you are using the most recent version of your experiment JS code.

That is the version I am running and I did refresh my browser and clear the cache. Just to clarify, it did disable me from exiting the experiment itself by pressing Esc, but it still let’s me exit full screen when I press Esc.