Escaped experiment but it doesn't let me return to coder?

Hi! After testing my code, I try to escape the experiment. When it does, the window shuts down and everything but then my cursor looks like it is “loading”. From there, I can’t interact with coder, builder, or anything. I have to force quit Psychopy in order to run code again.

Is there something in my code that isn’t closing down? Thank you so much!

Can you interact with Runner? The :stop: Stop button on there should fully stop your experiment, if that doesn’t work then it may be that a process in a secondary thread isn’t terminating. Could you share your experiment?

Hi TParsons! It doesn’t let me click on anything remotely related to Psychopy. And it was the weirdest thing because I had an original copy of the code that was able to run. But the code that I had edited, even with the new code commented out, would have this issue. I’m guessing there was something that wasn’t terminating the experiment.

I was able to just take the original copy of the code, add the parts back in, and it would run fine! The experiment is a couple thousand lines long, so I’m not sure you would want to sift through all of that. Thank you so much for getting back to me! It would be nice to know what was wrong, but it seems I have found a (at least temporary) solution for now! Thanks again!

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